Is it that? Is it that? Is it that? : Crossover-revamp of tools for body parts and tradition in Cypriot furniture design


Sevina Floridou This excerpt tries to examine some personal thoughts provoked by Eva Korae’s work in contemporary furniture design, as recollected from the exhibition ‘Yes, there will be Vodka!, held on the 30th of May in Limassol, at the Vinegar Workshop. Τhe exhibition consisted of expressive artefacts, made of, by most standards, second-rate materials yet such that have become charged with subcultural meanings. Examining these items as mainstream and recogniseable iconic design objects of desire, consisting mainly of chairs, tables, light fixtures and ashtrays, they have been produced not with the intent of changing the way they  function. One also cannot talk of there being a single concept of approach but rather a range of wildly contradictory activities interventions, and re-placements through re-use. On strolling around the exhibition space, I could hear people milling around me talking to each other, exclaiming their recognition of disparate artefacts that, although recognisable in their re-used form, have disappeared, or else are widely treated as invisible debris. With each such exclamation one becomes aware that the designer has reconfigured the object by giving it a new use, often placing it in a postion which allows it to obtain a new connection to the human […]