The Serious Products Lab is ran by Eva Korae under the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, School of Fine and Applied Arts, Cyprus University of Technology.

It aims to domestically produce experimental products, through the possibilities provided by Digital Fabrication and to archive/record indigenous manufacturing practices that contribute to the understanding of product design in general.

It also aims to export its practical and research results globally, through publications, exhibitions and participation in international design festivals.


Research Collaborators -


Theodora Andreou: 

"My desire for sharing myself and being creative motivates me to engage in art at any level." 
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Dr Sonia Andreou:

A graphic designer, instructor, and researcher specialising in visual communication. She is a teaching and research associate of CUT and CYENS. Her research interests include topics revolving around graphic design, visual semiotics and LX design.


Marios Constantinides:

A visual Artist known for his work in design, fabrication, and visual communication. He currently manages CYENS' Thinker Maker Space and serves as the Artistic Director of the WIP Arts and Technology festival
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Thinker MakerSpace


Dio Dio Collective: 

The creative symbiosis of two artisans, with backgrounds in traditional handicraft, fine arts and cabinet making. Traditional skills are a source of social and environmental sustainability in the collective's work, which mainly consists of Konstantina Niina Achilleos and Tuomas Venäläinen.
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Nayia T. Karacosta: 

Drama facilitator, actor and performer in plays, performances, films and TV series in Greece and Cyprus. She has been teaching theater play and educational drama to groups of all ages and abilities since 2013.


Marisa Satsia:


Thanos Vozikis:

An interdisciplinary artist, architect, and researcher specialising in generative systems and digital fabrication. Today, he lives in Limassol and is a PhD candidate in MADLab (CUT). His research interests include topics such as: Generative Art, Data, Computational Design and Digital Fabrication.


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** Τhe visual identity was designed by Natalie Touloupou while on Interniship with Omiros Panayides.