Today, with all the gadgets and computers surrounding us, with all the tiny devices that fit in your pocket, but are very powerful and use advanced technology, we almost forgot how to make simple calculations, as it is easier to use your palm or iPhone for that. Even when you go shopping you leave it all for the shop assistant who also uses a machine telling them the change they have to give you. So the old abacus that our grandparents used for simple maths is now ancient history. However, I do like the design this device had with all the colourful wooden beads. Well, the Count on Me Chair is perfect and specially designed for people who are as nostalgic as I am after the old days.

The designer of this merry chair is Eva Korae and she used wood, metal sheets and colourful wooden beads for it. It looks great and if it does not provide the comfort of a soft cushion, it will certainly keep you up and offer you a great massage. If you like this crazy chair you can visit the designer’s web page and order it for 7,000 euro.

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